Success Stories

When the going gets tough – Advisor Management gets busy!

This University Center had two vacancies left open University center for a considerable amount of time AMLLC went to work in January and by February the spaces were filled. We activate the store fronts and market the property extensively we've got the tools to reach tenants. We also have an extensive bank of existing customers searching for locations. Between existing leads and comprehensive marketing we have been able to fill spaces over and over again in a variety of unique commercial applications.

Taylor Apartments 1337 S Taylor had the toughest issues possible for an apartment building. This 8-plex suffered a fire. Smoke damage was extensive and huge portions of the building had to be completely replaced. When we became involved in the project we were faced with replacing several kitchens and bathrooms in addition to managing the rest of the project. Our team of pros got everything back in order with a sharp eye on expense. This 8-plex ended up in better shape than ever and enjoyed a quick lease-up.

2257 S Oneida was at 30% occupancy for over two years. Negative cash flow had become a real problem and was costing the ownership a substantial monthly cash injection and selling at 30% occupancy was unthinkable. January 1, 2010 Advisor Management signed on to stabilize the building and prepare it for sale. By June of 2010 leases were singed for 100% occupancy. The new tenancy added substantial improvements to the space bolstering the improved value and bringing the value up to sellable levels while laying down a line of positive cash flow with scheduled escalations.

1240/38 Main was part of a multilevel 25,000 square foot bank owned historical rehabilitation business condo association. AMLLC had the vision to set the users up with a great space that met all the ownerships needs, and a lower unit for additional revenue with the potential for future expansion. Jeff Mirkes Executive Director of Olde Main & Downtown Green Bay Inc was quoted saying “That’s not exactly selling a 3 bedroom ranch in the suburbs”.

112-114 Broadway was ailing bank owned property for over a year at 25% occupancy and no standing leases and to make matters worse the current tenant was advertising it's move to a new location. AMLLC was able to facilitate the sale to new ownership and had the vision and experience to begin to retool the property with a new look and new tenancy. Just 4 months later we anchored the building with long term established tenants Surfin Bird And Nukeo Thai and brought the building up to 100% current occupancy.. We've had a knack at getting involved with tough projects and turning them around efficiently. We've got the know-how to price and market a property to it's fullest potential. Our services don't stop there. We will maintain the property to ensure its long term viability as a trouble free investment vehicle.

1173 Velp The bank of Kaukauna was put in the position to take back 1173 Velp. They found a very distressed asset on their hands. The roof had been leaking damaging the property, residents had painted and textured the walls in a “do it yourself nightmare” pet’s urine had ruined the flooring, the bathrooms were in total disrepair, lighting was missing, just about anything imaginable was broken or missing. If the bank was to liquidate the property in such condition the loss would have been devastating. Advisor Management turned the property around with its rehabilitation experience, facilitating all repairs sealing the flooring to neutralize the pet damage, neutralizing walls, and replacing fixtures filling and managing the asset to restore cash flow and create salability.